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If your neighbor ends up homeless, what do you he'll do to survive? Anything? Do you think that maybe helping your neighbor might contribute to the health and safety of your community better than if you leave him in desperate straits?

But let's make the metaphor match the situation a little closer. Your neighbor across the street is dealing with another neighbor who wants their property. They won't sell, so the other neighbor is getting violent to get their way. Not your problem, right? Not until that neighbor comes after you, and with your arsenal they wouldn't dare do that, right? That will certainly help keep the peace in the neighborhood.

Being a good neighbor means more than just ignoring what's happening on the other side of the fence. Strong communities look out for each other and help where they can. That applies internationally as well as locally.

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It's not like the US is supporting Ukraine alone. We just happen to have the best weapons, and a vested interest in containing Putin's authoritarian ambitions. Providing material support to Ukraine without putting our own boots on the ground is a win all around.

One reason Putin went to such efforts to stop Clinton from winning here is because she knows who he is and was very effective at quietly neutralizing him. Now we're dealing with his ambitions in action, and we're not doing it alone.

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We have the means. We only lack the will, because the fascists in our government want to emulate Putin. Becoming isolationist won't solve our problems. Punching our own Nazis before the rest of the world has to do it for us is the only way.

If we go the way of Nazi Germany, we'll deserve the same treatment we have to them.

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One in which opposition is emnity, and when you you can't counter the truth with obfuscation you use any and every means at your disposal to suppress speech.

Vance is one of the people helping pave the way toward dictatorship.

The Republican base is taught to fear. Fear liberals, fear diversity, fear whatever they're told to fear. A generation ago they were told to fear Russia, so we opposed Russians with all our strength. They're told the only salve for their fear is a strong leader.

Now, today, Putin presents himself as a strong leader and suddenly Russia is no longer to be feared but admired. So what that he wants to rebuild the Soviet Union by invading the nations around him? Trump says he's a good guy, so obviously when he says he's invading Ukraine for their own good he must be telling the truth.

They follow anyone who presents themselves as strong and confident because that allays their fears somewhat. And since their current leaders like Russia and don't like Ukraine, that's what they're supporting.

Are you assuming that Republicans are negotiating in good faith? That would be a mistake on your part.

It's a losing battle, but Republicans (particularly the ones in power) have been responding to that by doubling down for the past thirty years. It convinced their base that it's a display of strength and leadership while everyone else looks on in horror.

I guess we'll see if their strategy ultimately pays off.

You'll excuse me if I wait for more reputable sources once the general election has started.

The answer is that conservative thinking is driven by fear. It's not that liberals don't fear things, it's that liberal thinking isn't driven primarily by fear.

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The EU is sending a lot of support to Ukraine, but they're not the military bullies we are.

Yeah. It's a shame the authors of the study wasted their time with empirical data instead of just asking a random person on the internet for their "logic."

He's already been acquitted on corruption charges for his blatant actions. Because Republicans will never vote to hold one of their own accountable.

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So you're saying the unusual increases in profit corresponding to inflation is in error? The authors published their methodology. Please show your work.

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At least she's willing to point out the blatantly obvious, unlike a lot of people.

Studies also show that it caused premiums and OOP costs to rise significantly.

Sources, please? Everything I've seen says that Obamacare successfully reduced the rise of premiums and costs. The double digit yearly increases in premiums from before the act have disappeared.

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In other words, it has flaws that need to be addressed but we've been too busy defending it to have the political capital to do it. We knew there would be some losers, but not nearly as many as before and ten years later costs are actually lower than the CBO projected.

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I think he means drilling for oil and reversing the government's support for clean energy technologies.

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And here I thought they were for predatory loans driving people into bankruptcy but not allowing them to offload the debt unless it's a corporation.

See Biden and student loan forgiveness.

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As an American I can't understand how anyone could vote for him once.

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Since I didn't say that here, I can confidently say "yes."

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You can try to pick a fight if you want. Just don't expect me to do more than roll my eyes at you and dismiss you as the child you've continued to be.

Sounds like sour grapes to me. But I'm sure the real reason he's so upset is because he got caught and has lost prime opportunities for grifting.

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It's a good piece and I think the analysis is largely accurate. But there's one thing I think Kagan missed: Trump isn't the only would-be dictator who could take power. He lists DeSantis and Haley as the closest competitors to Trump within the Republican Party, but he doesn't point out that even if, by some miracle, one of them becomes the party nominee, they would assume the very same dictatorial powers Trump is threatening to wield. Neither of them is going to defend democracy when offered the reins of tyranny, and both could easily hold power for decades. Trump maybe has a single decade at most.

The problem isn't simply Trump wanting to be President for Life. The problem is that the path has been cleared for any Republican to assume that role the next time one is elected. Project 2025 won't work for Trump only. The next time we have a Republican President, expect it to be the last time we have a fair election.

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It does in the census, and they use that census data to draw district maps. It's not a coincidence that they've been closing down registration and polling locations in areas dominated by PoC, especially if they also happen to be registered as Democrats.

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Your wish is granted.

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So you're saying he's a sea lion.

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We can mind our own business and remain leaders in world affairs by focusing our efforts on issues that involve the entire community and step back from the cowboy diplomacy of the Bush era. We stop acting unilaterally and start acting cooperatively, backing UN resolutions that enhance human rights and progress and supporting allies who are defending themselves.

Anyone who thinks she wouldn't try is deluding themselves. They're both cut from the same cloth, but they're not afflicted with dementia yet.

Good thing the archive was posted with it.

Kagan has many problems, but that doesn't make him wrong here.

I apparently have difficulty empathizing with people who aren't paying attention to what they're voting for (or against).

Yes, but their viewers weren't told that and don't care to hear it. Fox is a pure propaganda outfit, and whatever the "both sides" morons say, there's no equivalent to it on the left. The settlement they reached was just the price of successfully boosting the propaganda Trump demanded from them.

They'll do it again as often as they have to.

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I'm pretty sure we've seen a preview of how it will look. They've been using that playbook pretty consistently.

Why in the world would Fox News report on Biden doing what they want him to, especially when Trump is planning to attack him for his green energy accomplishments?

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And you think it's hypocritical that Democrats are trying to do something to help Americans struggling with student loans? Your logic is not clear.

Biden is a capitalist to his core. He was bought and paid for by the RIAA and MPAA for the majority of his career in the Senate. That's never going to change. But as President he's been willing to move to the left, and that's more than I hoped for when he was elected. We can keep pressure on him to do better, but we can't expect a leopard to change its spots.

It can't die fast enough.

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It took me seconds to find video proving this is a lie.

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