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Trump will visibly age on stage like Palpatine from the absolute roasting Harris would do to him

bro is just afraid that it won’t be an ez W for MAGA now, and OP is capitulating to that fear

like do we live in a democratic republic or not? the idea that a candidate who isn’t even nominated yet can’t be replaced is laughable and should be attacked at all fronts, not given lip service.

i mean i’ve been ignoring Biden’s garbage capitulation to the false framing that immigrants are doing crime and rapes en masse and that this is a serious concern.

i’m gonna ignore it into the future but i’ve been ignoring it too.

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:( im sorry you’re sad i would be enthralled

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pretty sure it’s precedented didn’t LBJ do this

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Harris 2024 babyyyyy

thank you for the enlightening response

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oh wait i misunderstood haha yeah. been watching it over the past weeks and immediately loaded the page when the news dropped.

you can see the history of the meter if you click the sources at the bottom.

blocked for the unhelpful and pedantic two part response, be nice next time

Johnson initially sought to run for re-election; however, following disappointing results in the New Hampshire primary he withdrew his candidacy.

ah my bad. don’t have an answer to that question at this time.


3: poor baby

is bro gonna be okay /gen

article author is tragically misinformed, everyone knows it’s wiiings that redbull gives you

this shit (what the landlord did) should be illegal and prosecutable?

imagine renting farmland out to a farmer, waiting for them to plant and grow crops right up till before harvest, then try to pull a switch and up the rent because “🤓☝️the land is worth more now.”

like no shit the plants on the property add value. value that came directly from the tenant in hundreds of hours of labor and materials!!??!!

good on this tenant for getting the W on the situation. im sure for countless poor others the opposite has been true :(

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guy in interrogation room. sometimes they give you snacks in interrogation in order to maintain friendly relations.

joke is that the guy got a whole meal instead of just a small snack or soda so he must be really spilling some tea.

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probably someone on reddit seeking to engage with likeminded peers just a guess though

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so you’re saying lemmy doesn’t have this problem? 🤦‍♀️

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this is exactly what henry ford wanted to happen i did a seance and checked in with him

misleading headline, and it’s not even close.

“residents beg mayor”

no they didn’t. the article doesn’t cite one singular instance of a resident asking the mayor to stop the eclipse. what it does cite is an off hand, likely facetious/joke comment by said mayor in relation to a bridge that is under construction.

of course, this fact didn’t stop the author from running with this absolute lie, the media entity from publishing the deception, and most of the comments here are falling for the perversion of truth and are clowning on and smearing an entire township.

pardon me if this comment is overly serious. i get this is a satire-of-satire community but holy smokes we need to have better standards for our media. if they can get away with this white lie, imagine what they do every other day when lives are on the line.

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is not rcs simply another locked down standard under the thumb of google, which they have decided to limit and block on rooted devices in the past?

correct me if im wrong ? but this all seems like a freight train of no good barelling in. google propoganda has won out and we’re swapping one gatekept standard for another.

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This is a silly post with silly implications, even though I appreciate its rhetorical goals

The really c/mildlyinfuriating fact is there are more empty homes in the US than homeless.

Based on currently available numbers, there are about 31 vacant housing units for every homeless person in the U.S. src

You don’t even need to involve churches. You need to hold individuals and businesses who hoard real estate for profit accountable. (There is also the matter of the logistics of getting homeless people into those homes, but I will not dive into that here.)

I appreciate the sentiment of this post, but please be sure to check your predetermined biases before you use the text of this meme to inform your opinion on policy.

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looks at current media cycle

… but is he wrong though? evil seems to be pulling in pretty high ratings these days.

anyway i’l be in my bed, crying quietly.

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No, but “I may die in a stupid way (but not as stupid as these religious people who were trampled to death because of a dust storm)” is anti-religious.

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yknow what fuck it, i support this. i was a little on the reactionary side back when they were throwing soup,

but after seeing hundreds of comments saying “just do if you want something done” and then seeing those same people turn around and say “but safely blocking streets in protest is an affront to my rights, stop being annoying”

…i get it now. it’s cornstarch and will wash off. calling for “optics” is just concern trolling. people are hearing about it. that’s the point. fuck oil. keep up the messaging. people are going to starve and drown and bleed from war caused by climate change. we are gonna survive a few people yeeting nonpermanent shit at public art.

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OP the original creator has never seen a prison

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misleading title:

In addition to the Pride flag, the measure approved by voters bans religious flags and breast cancer awareness flags, according to the Los Angeles Blade.

the measure only applies to city property and does not “ban” individuals from anything. but whatever gets clicks i guess 🤷‍♀️

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  1. their name is wilson wilson which is absolutely beautiful in my opinion

  2. they are filing the complaint just against one transphobic woman who did a harrassment campaign against them… not libs of tiktok which was disappointing to see but im not sure how this all works

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while it is not quite unanimous, the majority of experts agree that the ongoing violence fits the definition of genocide

more importantly, in what fucking world does calling one thing a genocide devalue other genocides? that is such a disgusting take i see everywhere and it’s nauseating.

more like based methodist church

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rtfm and other toxicity in the gnu/linux community are a microsoft psyop change my mind

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This is exactly why I try to engage with the apparent trolls sometimes. 95% of the time your reading is right and you disengage shortly after but one in twenty times there’s just a confused person on the other end that needs a little helping hand 🥹❤️

this PDF will probably be referenced in the “genocide denial” article in the not-too-distant future

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ooh hot take. reasearchers should stop doing security testing for OpenAI for free. aren’t they just publishing these papers, with full details on how it might be fixed, with no compensation for that labor?

bogus. this should work more like pen testing or finding zero day exploits. make these capitalist “oPeN” losers pay to secure the shit they create.

(pls tell me why im wrong if i am instead of downvoting, just spitballing here)

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Michael Crichton and Michael Crowley

what kinda cartoony ass names. literally mario and wario, sauron and saruman

wow cant believe my republican conservative tradtional values heterosexual free market band has gone woke, this one really hurts

while i agree with calling out google to do better, im really scared by the vehemence of these comments.

anyway please note that the domestic violence hotline is here and available for all genders. ❤️

tineye reverse image search

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im afraid

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