Politicized science inevitably tends toward pseudoscience

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Politicized science inevitably tends toward pseudoscience

That is because politics is all about certainty and the appearance of knowing everything.

When a politician changes their mind on something they are seen as weak. "If they change their mind of this, how can we trust anything they say?"

Science is all about what the evidence tells us. If new data shows that our previous notions were incorrect, we must change our minds.

Politics isn't interested in truth? Who could have guessed that?

That isn’t really what the commenter was saying. They were making a much more interesting point.

Not really. They're saying when politics invades science, it leads to pseudoscience. Regardless of where it lives, politics is never interested in truth.

Anybody got the whole article? Blocked from reading the entire thing unless I start a 7 day free trial, lol