berserk remade with use of AI to enhance fps to – -12 points –
Berserk | 4K 60 FPS Remaster | Episode 1 (1997 Series)

Ai upscaled animation is trash

This is exactly why I always turn off that TV motion smoothing or enhance frame option that so many come with already turned on by default.

It takes a lot of knowledge and work to get good results. Most people don't do that.

And the after all that work, the finished product still looks worse than the original. Make it more obvious that you didn't watch my link.

That video is really old, and I saw it when It released. He isn't really an expert on the subject.

Old as it is, a lot of his points still hold water. AI interpolation still shits all over artistic intent. Shit looks awful.

People are allowed to watch the way they want. Being personally offended people are willing to accept tradeoffs to get it isn't a point, and it doesn't hold water.

This is also outdated enough to have missed several advancements in recent years, making it even more incorrect.

AI has no place in the world of art. It's soulless and depressing.

Pretty shoddy work. Lots of scenes that couldn't support it were frame interpolated.