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what is that?

if you have a thread you like, make sure to archive.is or archive.org it

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my dad is refusing to take vaccines because he thinks taking it will automatically make him vote dem because of nano-machine in them.

he also thinks vaccines are kind of HRT.

anyways how's your day?

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“Man the Hunter has dominated the study of human evolution for nearly half a century & pervaded popular culture. [But] it was the arrival of agriculture that led to rigid gendered roles & economic inequality. Hunting belonged to everyone.”

Credit goes to University of Tokyo’s Dr Yoshiho Ikeuchi and colleagues.

deregulated capitalism is a curse on society

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remember the assassinations are being done by modi not india.

most of the youth is against modi especailly in the south. it's just that the societal structure is so against progress in the north that young people have no other option than fleeing the country.

i am sorry for on behalf on all of my country. since 1982 this country is going downhill.

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he also despised islam alot

i can understand why

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roaring 20's are about to let it rip

quick buy defense stocks

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You sound like you have a good relationship with your parents

not really.

i think it is best to minimize contact but not keep null, since these kind of people are self destructive.

that's the only reason i stayed , for their health issues.

We live in an era of fake news, conspiracy theories, distortions and disinformation, simplifications and outright lies, assiduously spread by our rulers to compromise society’s capacity for informed democratic decision-making. We need all the more to be able to critically interrogate what’s around us, and that comes with experience in engaging with the content and language of texts we read. Those who read very little are the ones vulnerable to manipulation by false and motivated WhatsApp forwards.

The scholar-authors conclude that reading skills and practices are “the foundation for full participation in the economic, political, communal and cultural life of contemporary society”, including “social, cultural and political engagement” as much as “personal liberation, emancipation and empowerment”. A healthy democratic society that requires “the informed consensus of a multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural society” also needs resilient readers, they argue.

cokaina... todays topic, slavery

noooooooo, that's islamophobia

what is it?

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U.S. top millitary advisor mark milly

"We are taking the Chinese military threat very seriously. And that is the reason why we are making more investment in our own defense capabilities. But we have not been focusing on one timeline only. For example, a lot of people are talking about 2025, some people are talking about 2027, some people talk about 2035, and etc. We take all kinds of assessments in a very serious way. And what we want to be prepared for is no matter when the Chinese are going to launch its military attack against Taiwan, we are prepared. But i think that 2027 is the year that we need to be serious about."

source: https://www.globalplayer.com/podcasts/episodes/7DrfQik/

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but then who will take care of them? they were there at my time of need, shouldn't i also be there?

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this is temporary and they will resume after war is over


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it has already dropped evolution and prodemocratic teachings.

both men and women are equal in islam

Quran 4:34 Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allāh has given one over the other and what they spend from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allāh would have them guard.2 But those from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; , forsake them in bed; and , beat them .4 But if they obey you , seek no means against them. Indeed, Allāh is ever Exalted and Grand.

Nowhere is education banned for women specifically

They are only allowed islamic education according to ijmaa https://youtu.be/sluWhFVw7h0?si=mc-OOq_hejDY02c_&t=525

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indian here, don't forget modi.

more like darn you current interpretation of capitalism for forcing all of us to keep us hungry for profit in order to survive

surely there is a better economic model right?

Is capitalism good for scientific progress?

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literal slavery

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i think they meant bottom

i am guessing china will be the one doing the landing this time

when do you guys think we will start seeing Three-dimensional integrated circuits in cpu and gpu

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channels incoming?


i think what they are trying to say is... because of bureaucratization of research the current method is stuck on improving rather than take risks and thinking outside the box.

china has it's own version of tiktok

please learn from your mistakes, i want this to be good, i really do.

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If you weaponize children, don't shout at others who were just defending themselves from your child.

these reditgrants are sure pain in the ass.

i just asked for proof and they started blabbing. at the same time these hypocrites also dislike religions.

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it's an electoral autocracy ...according to BBC atleast