do you guys think this game needs a remake? to – 1 points –

It got one? The HD collection came out in 2012 and is honestly still pretty good, plus you get DMC3 with it.

I'm generally against remaking games that are currently perfectly playable. I'd vastly prefer getting DMC6 before they re-release the original for a second time.

To be fair:

  • it got a remaster; a remake is usually something that recreates the game from scratch.
  • DMC1 did not age that well in terms of gameplay, imo, as much as DMC3 did; it's a little stiffy! But it is true that it still plays much better than many PS2 games.

I second this. Especially since I think the first one still holds up. You will have to reintegrate your brain into being cool with the locked camera, but the game still plays well and has a lot of fun moments. DMC has had a really fantastic and interesting life beyond the original entries, so I think it'd be more fulfilling and interesting keep seeing what can be done with the series than to try and mine old content.

No need for a remake. I'm fine to take remake or remasters of games stuck on legacy software but DMC 1 already has one its available on modern PCs.

I wouldn't be mad at it. In some ways it can be perfected, especially in the platform aspect.

The already did a remake in 2012, it was not liked.