Is this really the final laptop you will need this guy is claiming? it is completely customizable. to – 64 points –
A New Vision for Consumer Hardware | Framework

It's the final laptop in the same way that Theseus's boat was the last one he ever bought. You can replace bits piecemeal, but at some point you'll end up with enough leftovers for a whole new laptop.

That said, I have an Intel one and it's a fantastic laptop. Also, not only are the motherboards capable of running on their own outside the laptop, but they've partnered with Cooler Master to make little cases for them so you can turn old mobos into mini PCs.

IDK about final but Framework has a pretty strong possibility of being my next laptop.

Young entrepreneurs are cool. They’re interesting, enthusiastic, and genuinely want to make things better. They haven’t started enshittifying their product yet just because they’re greedy assholes. Remember when Google’s motto was “don’t be evil”?

No, they aren't. Most of them represent the exact same mentality that leads to enshittification - profit at all cost.

That “most” is key. We can’t tell how they’re going to act long term. It’s nice to see someone who’s excited about their product, simply because they believe it’s good. Currently, they’re trying to be customer focused, which is a major plus.

It’ll be interesting to check in on these folks in ten or twenty years. They might turn out to suck, just like you say. However, maybe they won’t turn out like most companies, and will stick to the core principles they had when they started. Maybe they’ll become a major ally of the right to repair movement, and become an example for other companies to follow.

Our economic system isn’t undergoing major changes anytime soon. I want to see what someone who’s grown up with enshittification and planned obsolescence does. That’s what makes things cool and interesting.

Just why do people on Lemmy need to turn every unrelated post into some anti-capitalist rant?

I have repaired a lot of laptops in the past. The repairability depends on the price and the brand. But most of them are repairable. The issue is often first finding the part number and the correct part on the right website. With some luck the manufacturer has a manual available for finding part numbers and repair steps. But most of the time YouTube is where you end up. What I mean is, with other laptops the repair success depends on more variables. The framework laptops stand out because of the ease of the repair process and the success rate of the repairs. Finding the right part number and part online and the guide to actually repair the laptop and the actual replacing is also easy the parts are designed to be easily replaced. It is also possible to send them the broken part back for recycling, how they to that I haven't looked into yet. The i/o is nice the fact that you can change and decide later to add more ports For the average user this is not the big sell feature. It's the fact that you can save money and still have your device, have minimal downtime. I compared laptops of the same specs or very close to. The added price is between 100 and 200 euros. You'll be happy you spent that extra when your laptop eventually had a hardware malfunction. Or can use an upgrade.

Dont the upgrades cost close to a new laptop though? And what are you supposed to do with the old parts?

They sell cases to make a small desktop/media center, you can resell them for people that need that or weaker laptop is fine. Or you can recycle.

That looks good, but I've not seen much about replacing the screen with one ready for using a Stylus and taking notes at class, do they not sell those? I don't want to be using a tablet plus a laptop for the rest of my life!

The entire framework thing is not a good value because it costs like ~2000 dollars for a laptop. People are acting like the timeline for use on these things is infinity. It's not. I have on two occasions went and bought an i3 and Celeron laptop for 100 dollars each. Both of these machines do what I need. Both play emulators, both play videos. I just want to know which use case a 2000 dollar laptop that is modular fits? I feel like this is astroturfing. The laptops have m1 expansion as well. Help me out here. Why is a framework worth 20 cheap and reliable laptops? Inb4 sustainability, you would still be trashing the old parts after upgrading, right? I feel like workstations have so much more value if we are talking about modularity and power. I guess, if this is your one computer to rule them all you might be able to justify the expense, but why not buy a workstation for like 1000 bucks, a 200 dollar laptop, and pocket the leftover 800 buckeroos?

The framework 13 is around a grand pre built and around 900 if you have a spare SSD and SODIMM modules laying around.

I feel like an i3 or Celeron is not really a fair comparison. The framework machines are quite powerful and they're targeting the prosumer/workstation market.

In the case of sustainability you do not have to trash the parts on upgrade. Framework sells cases to repurpose the main board as a PC/server. You could also buy a shell and create a second laptop. When it comes to throwing out parts on repair or upgrade you are throwing out less overall.

It's also a fairly new company so between that and the market they're targeting the products are fairly expensive. Further down the line they could become much more affordable as the company scales. But yeah it does not sound like Framework laptops are a good fit for you right now.