Bassem Youssef tells Arab-Americans: Abandon Biden over Gaza

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Bassem Youssef tells Arab-Americans: Abandon Biden over Gaza

yes, let's show democrats that we disapprove of the president's actions in how a foreign state is handling a war that is just barely on the other side of genocide but definitely on the other side of war crimes by withholding our votes from him, ensuring that someone who absolutely hates us and will do nothing to stop that war, and will not make sure humanitarian aid gets to the civilians unlike the current democratic president. and also by the way the other guy will blanket ban anyone of my religion from entering the country and will try to deport anyone who is my religion from this country even if they are citizens, naturalized or native born. that will teach those democrats who probably will never hold power again unless there is another violent domestic conflict.

do these people ever consider the consequences of their (in)actions outside of their bubble?

These "genecide joe" fucks really need to grow up. They have a naivety and passion that is, unfortunately, bred of ignorance and often from anti-Zionist fertilizer. Not voting for Joe because of a foreign war is almost a perfect definition of throwing the baby out with the bath water. I'm not even a Biden fan, but holy smokes the only option is really, really clear.

False. By making it clear early on that Joe will not win again, the DNC must listen and pick another candidate. If they don't, they will be soley responsible for a trump presendency, same as last time.