Senior BBC worker who called Jews an ‘invader species’ is finally sacked - as workers say it is a ‘grim’ and ‘frightening’ time to be Jewish at the corporation to Not The – 61 points –

As usual, the article manages to confuse and conflate anti-semitism with anti-israeli.

It's Daily Mail....

They're never worth the click, it's safe to assume whatever they're saying is bullshit

Here's the BBC report.

It is absolutely true that accusations of antisemitism are very frequently blown up out of all proportion, in the most antisemitic way, by declaring all Jews loyal to Israel etc etc.

But in this case it seems she was spreading hateful conspiracy theories, not just sticking up for Palestine.

And the difference matters a great deal. A lot of people don't seem to be able to argue the Palestinian case without denying the very reason for Israel's existence. It's a despicable failure of analysis. The Palestinians are paying the price for Europe's crimes and, instead of pointing that out, these braindead liberals are playing exactly the game Netanyahu wants them to.

Good riddance.

Oh yes, there's no doubt at all that she was full on anti-Semitic. What I hated is that they then brought up legitimate anti-Israeli protests by other people and then linked them together. Like fuck off, they're two separate things.

The Daily Mail "Not worth the paper it's printed on!"

If we could stop hating people for things that don't really have anything to do with our daily lives, that'd be great.

A Palestinian cuurently in Gaza, or a Jew who lost family on Oct 7 may have a different justification for their thoughts and concerns than the person sitting comfortably in Starbucks and glaring at the brown person or the person with the slightly larger nose.

Fucking lunatics.