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You're not going to hire a white man to play the little mermaid.

I don't know, genderswapping the roles doesn't seem that far fetched for Disney

Your system might be messed up

This is like when people complain that measures directed to lessen global warming don't solve it and say they're useless.

Flatpak sandboxing (bubblewrap)

It's really disappointing

Can't you read, they were being unprofessional!

It is forbidden for Christians to kill. However...


Funny, the top comment is saying how good it looks and the second to top comment is saying how bad it looks

Russian equivalent of NATO

Doesn't actually follow their equivalent of Article 5

Sounds about right. But tbh I don't think Article 4 has been properly tested either.

To an outsider it does feel a lot like worship. But I guess that'd require him to be viewed as a deity to be correct

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The Hajj has been taking place over 1000 years.

With people dying on it, yeah. Religion is why they're making the trip to the desert

Because it's a comparison most people understand and it put things in perspective. Seems obvious enough to me.

Double purist, the only way to be

And what part did you think was a suggestion?


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Yeah I didn't make any suggestions though. But I like your passion

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4chan can be like this

I'm surprised people don't care about their own health

Originally in the book it seems to have been "dude", then someone made a post where they changed it to "nigga", but it wasn't censored. Later on someone decided to censor the word. So not the same people at work there (I mean, I think not lol)

I hate tankies

So you hate them more than nazis?!?


"Objection, this has nothing to do with the case."

"Overruled, the public needs to hear this"

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They're not doing their supporters any favours with these sort of comments lol

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The "Activate Windows" watermark ported to Linux with cairo in C

"Science isn't about WHY. It's about WHY NOT.


Release 1.1.0: Native windows support

This is incredible

It's not like you want to announce diarrhea either

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I love self-checkout. Faster, don't have to rush because someone is waiting for me, don't have to interact with people, can easily double check it had the correct price etc. They're fantastic

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I think the answer to this is: so, what are you doing to stop the bus from going over the cliff that's better than voting? And can't you do both of them?

Because usually people aren't doing much else. Especially anything effective. They're just not voting.

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I don't know why we're giving boobie memes to boomers

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She could jack me off by flying up and down. We'd make it work, don't judge

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*Gabe starts gesturing to his lawyer to do something*

"Just answer the question."

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The “Important” tab first arrived in the Files by Google app last year as a feature exclusive to devices in India. Once you choose to use it, the app scans all of the files on your phone to identify anything that may contain a passport, ID, or any other vital documents.


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What do you mean, they have numbers in the episode title

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No it's more frequent than that

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This is fucking ridiculous. This AI is the worst of them all. I don't mind it when they subtly try to insert some diversity where it makes sense but this is just nonsense.

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Can confirm, have done often. Often it just implies drinking at home without leaving anywhere. Being just in your underwear is optional. You can also do it with another person if you live together.

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So, skill issue?

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I'd imagine the same is true for Lemmy and politically engaged people (at least online) overall.

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The target was very much expected though

I've seen the video a few times. With the acting in it it seems like they're making a joke

So it's not older women but older people, a bit more often women than men