no banana

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Yes, we have no bananas!

Oh the Bible is definitely meant to explain things. It explains things through a bunch of different world views from different times.

I think their actual point was that incomplete explanations are nonetheless explanations. Still wrong though.

The Bible says something about the earth and how it is good and the filament of the sky and something. The Bible that is, at least that's what I read on the internet. Many fine people on the internet, the best people, but not me, I haven't said it, but the best people probably. The best people say the earth may be - and I'm not saying it is but they are saying it - they say that the earth may be flat and that doesn't take much text to cover I have heard.

Ah, so him being a piece of shit who was the only one not to be allowed back was a lie. Surprising.


I have pocket casts set up the way I want it and, as I previously said, own the full featured product for life without extra costs. I just don't see a reason to.

It would be

If it wasn't so sad

Me in the future cooking insects for dinner

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Oh it's Ricky Dick.

What a reasonable government you have over there on the other side of the Atlantic.


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I was gonna say your moms' house, but aren't those basically the same?

Oh I would never say that everyone is an idiot. Just that your system of governance is badly constructed.

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Same place where the dick measuring contests are held

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I love Pocket Casts. Sadly I have a hard time recommending it to new people since they switched to subscription model payment. The reason I love it is because of what it was, not what it is. I'm grandfathered into the "pay once, own forever"and if I wasn't I would probably be using something else these days. I'm still gonna throw it in as a recommendation though, because it's damn good and people should make up their own minds in whether it is worth the payment.

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Oh, same. He's been a rock

"Sit comfy"

I can't recommend something I do not use.

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I bet it's sloppy, floppy and gloopy.

I guess. I don't know what I would do without the desktop app and the cloud storage though. I just log in somewhere and everything is synced up and working.

Repressed memories are fun

He likes to wear wet socks in bed

Yeah it's fucking disturbing

Next you'll be telling me I should pronounce the L in island as well!

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Too bad it's not available in my country because I really wanted to read that!

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It was what he was ordered to do

Thanks! I forget it exists sometimes.

Sussy baka

I mean the L. Like in salmon.

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Girls can be attracted to girls I guess?

gonna take some roger leave.

Cross post!

Good job!

What if I told you nothing is real

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Yep. It is indeed. Same with the K in knight, which was added for no fucking reason. Sweden also has an island called Öland which means island land.

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Now that is the real question.

Oh yeah I confused it with some other word.

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That's a better one!