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smol, femme, nerd

libera te tutemet ex machina, and shitpost~~

Because that’s how long he’s been trying to solve it

Forcefemming with soy is outdated, should have used

You’re just looking for excuses to take a vacation

You can wash your hands in someone’s pee and save water

This is my new favorite copy pasta, thanks

I think I get what they’re saying—if you care about people, live and be yourself

Do you ask why when someone builds a castle in Minecraft?

Edit not criticizing you, just making a joke 😅

If you kiss it, your toilet turns into a skibidi

I take meme, I give meme. It’s simple

I hate that the internet is reliant on tech giant infrastructure. I think part of the problem is that data centers and energy grids are not decentralized or capable of being sustained in an open source manner (unless a benevolent entity funds such a thing)

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There are also cool research projects like this

What happens if there’s a consumer boycott of retailers who use this type of harassment tech? It’s disproportionately targeted towards minorities. I think Target was recently bullied into removing Pride items based on consumer action, so clearly mass action has an effect.

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I am just grateful paper isn’t measured in hands

I am shocked and appalled clutches pearls

This seems more like a hardware issue than a compression algorithm issue, but I could be wrong

Functional and subversive, just how I like my makeup

I am not OP, and I cannot speak to whether these women are doing it for fashion. The way I see it, it’s no different than Buddhist monks wearing some kind of robe and shaving their heads, it’s an expression of religiosity. It’s a personal choice, I guess. Like it’s a feminist’s choice to be a homemaker.

That said, I am not tolerant of discrimination based on one’s own religious beliefs. I don’t care if someone wears a nikab or cross or yarmulke, but I do care if they oppress someone else’s rights based on their beliefs. That shit don’t fly with me

Edit because I can’t type when distracted lol

For sure, I meant in addition to suing the banning retailers and the facial recognition tech company


But aren’t they cute tho

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You’re right, but I think perhaps conflating anti-social and asocial?

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I love moth!! I will treasure her 🥰 Tyvm!!

That’ll be cute and terrifying, just as one should be

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You get a goth gold star

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Can that YouTuber sue them for defamation (oh my god that would be amazing). They should consult a lawyer


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Ugh I hate misinformation, it’s completely missing the part where your dissertation committee does a coin flip to determine if you’re fighting snakes or sharks

Haha this will make using car alerts completely meaningless

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As others have mentioned, eating fruits and fungi don’t kill the organism, and per my understanding it’s the same for vegetables where you pick something off the plant to eat

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I am also an autist and none of those, there’s dozens of us

I complete agree that veganism is about reducing animal pain, suffering and exploitation. Personally, I think if you’re taking care of your chickens and cows like they’re almost pets, then there’s nothing wrong with eating eggs or drinking milk. That’s how my ancestors used to get their produce, from their own chicken or cow, which were treated well and humanely. They didn’t eat the meat of those animals, but other animals though 👀 I want to be vegan eventually, but I like the idea of symbiotic and humane relationships with other animals

Asked and answered, thanks!

Could said witch perhaps try her luck on any of the GOP usual suspects and make them less ghoulish? Where would one even start?

I like this version

Too many spiders in Oz

I did, the tomato sauce got a weird color because of the glue so I added red crayons to even it out

Having a healthy citizenry pays for itself, elected leaders are shortsighted