You can now play DOS games on the Steam Deck for free to Steam – 243 points –
You can now play DOS games on the Steam Deck for free

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This entire article is utterly baffling if you know anything at all about what they're talking about. What the absolute hell did I just read?

Here's my logic. You can be elitist and know how to do the thing that this article is conveying already. Lemmy is populated by an overwhelming number of users who are technically capable of doing the thing this article is conveying. But there's another wave of complaints that Lemmy lacks content, therefore cannot grow. This is content. And I submitted it, in the hopes that someone who is less technical doesn't give up on this platform and go elsewhere.

The conversations revolving around the lack of content on lemmy aren't taking into consideration the success of other reddit alternatives like Tildes. Tildes is busier than lemmy. Nurture the platform, criticize the writing if you must, but be constructive. If you have something to add to the conversation, add it.

Well, I am now baffled about two pieces of content, so... that worked?

Look, I don't mind the link being up here. It's fine.

But if I had stumbled upon it I'd very much have noted somewhere that
a) you could play DOS games on the Deck since day one.
b) there are many ways to run DOSbox on Deck, including through Retroarch and emudeck
c) there are plenty of ways to buy and play DOS games legitimately that way, especially by purchasing GOG builds that come with the original DOS files as a bonus, and
d) that if the entire point of a product is to streamline the look and feel of the process to match Steam Big Picture/SteamOS but it requires a bunch of command line stuff in desktop mode maybe it's not ready for prime time, or at least not as much as EmuDeck is. But also,
e) there are probably much easier ways to get a third party browser to boot up on SteamOS and go to this place than doing all that, right?

I don't understand how this piece came together, why it's framed the way it is or what it's even trying to say. I do understand posting it, although maybe not for any of those reasons you list. I don't think I'm being elitist here, there are much, much easier ways to point people to ways of playing DOS games on the Deck that require less fiddling than this and the innovative bits aren't the ones being mentioned in the article, which just adds to the confusion.

On the other subject you bring up... I genuinely think that just engaging with this space in the way that makes more sense to you works better to generate new engagement than trying to game the system to promote people not going on Reddit. But then, I was never on Reddit in the first place and I do enjoy the 90s forum board feel of this iteration of it, so who knows.

I'd like to add tacos to the conversation.

Al pastor is my fave, when it's from a legit place. So fucking good.

Though I do like birria tacos lately...

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