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I think the sleeper is "talk to plants". Remember how Aquaman used to be the joke in the Justice League? And I'm not well versed in comics, but Poison Ivy comes to mind as being pretty powerful.

Nah, if anything talk to plant is pretty weak. Poison Ivy can control plants, which is significantly stronger. Control plants let's you force them to grow big and grapple people, or produce particular toxins in people's faces, etc. Talk to plants lets you ask plants very politely to do something, but they are still just normal plants, and can just say no.

Plants can't say no because they can't talk. But you can talk to them.

DM here. Note that this is "talk to plants" and not "tame/control plants." BIG difference. You basically just add "plants" to the languages section of your character sheet, and I have to figure out what accents ferns, oaks, and grasses have.

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