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That’s right. The Supreme Court’s legitimacy comes from our collective acceptance of their legitimacy. It’s a bit circular, but they stop being legitimate once we stop seeing them as legitimate. They have no enforcement mechanism.

I guess it would take multiple blue states blatantly disregarding their rulings to effectively send that message.

Well then, it’s time to start impeachment proceedings. I know we wouldn’t actually succeed at impeaching him, but it’s still a fight worth having. As of now, only a few dems have spoken out about this with any passion or substance. Their lack of urgency is incredibly frustrating.

They can’t use the “impeachment would be a partisan issue” excuse. It’s nonpartisan to want our Supreme Court to be nonpartisan.

You can’t win a fight if you never start it.

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“We have published by mistake a modified version of this photo on the site,” the magazine wrote

Lol riiight, that’s believable. Why did you modify the photo in the first place? Someone had to actually do a couple minutes of work to remove the pin.

I wish people would just own their mistakes, not tell condescending and unbelievable lies about them. We’re not as stupid as they think we are.

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Pretty sure the answer will be a knock on your door, with the strong possibility that you’ll never be seen again.

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It’s all security theatre.

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It’s takes real skill to take a concept that has been developed over years of highly technical debate and scholarship and make it understandable with normal language, even if the underlying concepts are actually super simple.

I think a reason for this is that in highly technical or complex fields, it’s counterintuitively easier to speak in full jargon, since that’s how ideas are developed and how people in the field are convinced of their validity. Using language for the “public” can often mean you lose some of the more subtle meanings, though you’re right that at the end of the day the explanations that we end up with are usually easy for most people to understand.

So I think it’s actually pretty natural to start with jargon and then refine the ideas by translating them into normal speak.

The best evidence for their common ancestry is from 2008, but it doesn’t look like there have been any new developments since then.

Molecular analysis of a shred of 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex protein — along with that of 21 modern species — confirms that dinosaurs share common ancestry with chickens, ostriches, and to a lesser extent, alligators.

Source Harvard Gazette

Oh it’s totally possible for them to be effective, they just very rarely are.

Whenever I fly, I put a lighter (I don’t smoke) and a full liquid hand sanitizer spritzer in random pockets in my carryon. I still separate my normal toiletries into the required quart-sized bag, but leave the liquid hand sanitizer and lighter in the bag as a kind of test. They have never once noticed or cared, and I travel a fair amount.

I’ll be honest, I fell for it. I thought I had my naivete under control, but man she was convincing to me.

I really didn’t think she would endorse him. Didn’t think she’d endorse Biden either, let’s not be ridiculous. But still. I’m embarrassed that I’m disappointed in her.

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Blow some cannabis smoke in my face and point me in the direction of a comfortable chair. Now it’s a chill hangout session, not a boss fight. But you still win.

Completion reward: let’s share some pretzels

The reporter’s use case actually makes a lot of sense to me. I would never buy one of these, but I wouldn’t be opposed to using something like this if I ever ended up with one.

It’s not like I stand in front of it and watch a whole movie in my kitchen. But I like to have the T2 Tennis Channel on while I scramble eggs or pop on a news show while cooking dinner. Plus, it’s nice to have a kitchen screen that doesn’t take up counter space.

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Knowing people like him, he would probably take the obvious literary warnings from a book like that and use them as inspiration for how to build an even more dystopian nightmare.

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That is such a wholesome and lovely thing to hope for.

Americans protesting absolutely has an impact on the Palestinians themselves. They see us, and they know we see them and what’s happening to them. There are tons of interviews with Palestinians saying how much they appreciate the solidarity, even if it hasn’t ended the war. A tiny drop of empathy can be incredibly powerful when bombs are falling all around you.

I want to know who goes around giving a single downvote to entirely personal and uncontroversial comments. Happens to almost every single one of my comments. I’d rather have five or ten downvotes than just one. I dunno, I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does.

Bummer. That’s some weak and feckless megacorp bullshit. Just like something Stewart would cover, which is why this show was such a great power move. And yet? Infinite profit over all else, so never mind.

Look at John Oliver, he talks shit about HBO constantly. Do they care? Nope, because he has more Emmys than anyone could know what to do with. Respect your talent and reap the rewards. Pretty basic stuff, Apple.

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Cool cool cool, that’s just great. So there are going to be immediate legal consequences, right???

Fuck I’m so tired of this.

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OR, and hear me out, you could just not be a total asshole? Maybe have a baseline of tolerance and respect for the people who made you a billionaire? No? Then fuck right off and accept the consequences of your hatred.

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This is really messed up, and I sympathize with her situation, but this is not torture. Words matter. I’d call this harassment, fraud, or malicious company behavior, but not torture. Doesn’t mean it’s right, and the company/seller should absolutely be held responsible.

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Well, to Trump any black woman speaking facts out loud is a problem.

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I would think Trump, like any organized crime boss, understands the difference between “here’s what I owe you” and “here’s a quarter of what I owe you.”

One results in broken legs, one doesn’t.

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Has anyone ever had their rent actually decrease? Serious question. I assume this is talking about people who are looking for apartments now, not people who are already paying hilariously high rents.

Find me a landlord that has ever lowered the rent for existing tenants, and I’ll eat the paint chips peeling off my poorly-maintained walls.

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This is one of the more disturbing things I’ve read in a while, and there’s a genocide going on.

It strikes me that this guy and his followers simply never grew up, because they didn’t have to. Instead of being faced with everyday challenges like the rest of us, their money could insulate them from any degree of hardship or friction. When you live a life where literally everything can be solved with your money, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to never run out of it, there’s no motivation for you to empathize with or even understand other people’s points of view, and thus this scary techno-authoritarianism is born.

These are the people who will prevent us from making any socioeconomic progress. They actually want us all to wear colored shirts and be discriminated against based on our color. Their dystopian vision is genuinely the stuff of my nightmares.

This is an egregious abuse of power. The US is built on protest, it’s often the only recourse available. If your policy ideas don’t hold up to public scrutiny and can’t survive a little peaceful demostration, then sorry, those ideas are shit.

One of the individuals charged in the RICO conspiracy is Thomas Jurgens, who was acting as a legal observer at a music festival March 5. Jurgens was arrested while wearing a bright yellow hat marking him as a legal observer.

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The bill’s passage comes after the state’s most populous county, Miami-Dade, considered local heat protection rules that would have been among the most stringent in the country. That proposal would have required employers to provide shade, water and 10-minute breaks to workers every two hours on days over a certain heat threshold.

The fact that that would have been among the most stringent protections in the country is incredibly sad. Those protections should be in place nationwide by default at a minimum. Nobody benefits from overheated workers, who are human beings by the way. I feel like it’s so much easier to just be decent and take care of peoples’ basic needs.

You’re a monster if you don’t think your workers deserve to have a few minutes in the shade whenever the fuck they want. People will work harder if they feel like they’re safe and respected. Everybody wins.

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Florida. The Sunshine State is Florida for those who don’t know, don’t care, or hate it when authors use nicknames for some proper nouns and actual names for other things in the same category.

It’s petty, I know, but just use the words we all know for fuck’s sake.

Edit: I’m not calling out the OP (thanks for sharing this!), these words that bother me appear in the text of the study.

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This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

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It. Is. The. Worst.

Someone shares a file directly, another shares the whole folder, someone else makes a Team, which automatically creates its own sharepoint site that has its own document library. Now someone else shares a file via a Community sharepoint site they have, which is somehow different than a Teams site. The Community site also has its own document library.

Oh and sharepoint is also onedrive? But also isn’t, somehow. I never know. I can sync some stuff to one onedrive folder, and some to another onedrive folder. But it’s all also the same.

To answer your question, you are not alone.

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If you haven’t already, I recommend everyone listen to the audio of some Supreme Court arguments. Sure they’re usually dry and boring, but they’re also a great way to hear for yourself what an absolute dick this guy is. He regularly parrots Fox News talking points, treats his colleagues and the solicitors with utter contempt, and asks disingenuous and misdirecting questions to hide his true intent.

He’s also wildly inconsistent from case to case, making arguments that he himself had argued against in other cases. He’s not a real judge, in the definitional sense, because he doesn’t apply the law consistently or impartially.

He’s a venal, spiteful, misogynistic, vengeful piece of shit who doesn’t respect the people he has such inordinate power over. Very few public figures make me as viscerally angry as Alito does.

Edit: here's a link to all the audio

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My understanding is that the judge is chosen by lottery, out of a certain number of judges in the same district. Since that particular district in FL only has a few judges there was always a pretty solid chance that she could be chosen. It wasn’t a certainty, but definitely a good chance.

That’s why her actions are such a betrayal of the justice system. It shouldn’t matter which judge was randomly selected. To anyone with eyeballs, she has shown a distressing preference for the person who appointed her, and has shown over and over again that she doesn’t have the relevant experience to oversee a case of this magnitude. If she were a qualified and impartial judge, she would appreciate the fact that she appears to be completely biased, and recuse herself.

Even if tons of legal experts are wrong about her, which at this point seems pretty unlikely, her duty is to step aside and allow a judge who still has the public’s trust to oversee the case.

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I do not trust this man to do anything in my best interest. He is a disingenuous and untrustworthy messenger, and if allowed to continue unchecked will end up the overlord of a new hyper-capitalist dystopian nightmare. I’m genuinely afraid of this guy and people like him.

I’ll remind folks that this is a man with such appalling hubris that he thinks he should be able to raise trillions of dollars to make his own fantasies come true.

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I finally upgraded my free account on Black Friday, couldn’t be happier. I so appreciate this kind of transparency and candor.

We are not billionaire subsidized, government subsidized, or even donation subsidized. Rather, we derive almost all of our revenues from selling services directly to users in a profitable way. Proton services are never going to be the cheapest, we’re not going to have flashy promotions, unlimited “lifetime” plans (unless it’s for charity), or offers that are too good to be true. Not just because it doesn’t suit us, but because it doesn’t suit the mission. Instead, we will charge a fair price that reflects our costs and can deliver long-term stability.

That was a fun watch. My friends give me shit when I complain that Netflix looks terrible on their huge expensive TV, and yet my pirated content looks perfect every time. I will never pay for a service that delivers a lower quality product than what I can get for free. And like this guy says, I’m a grown-ass man that can afford a Netflix subscription. But why the hell would I pay for a subpar product, when sailing the high seas has always allowed me to watch super-high quality content whenever I want?

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This fucker did so much damage to American democracy. I’m not one to celebrate anyone’s death, but I will not miss this asshole.

Note: I am Jewish, this man has never represented me or my religion.

Holy crap. This is how I find out that Rahm Emanuel is the US Ambassador to Japan? How is he possibly qualified for that job?

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Drug treatment is important, yes, but making it a precondition for benefits will absolutely hurt the most vulnerable. If there was actually enough affordable housing available for everyone that needs it, there would be far less of a need for this kind of policy. It is well documented that providing housing before anything else sets people up for success. If someone has been living on the streets and suddenly has housing available, their life will improve so drastically thanks to the job and social opportunities that will become available, also making it less likely that drug abuse will continue.

This seems like a cop out to me. Just build houses for fuck’s sake.

Breed has been on the wrong side of so many issues. Most recently she made an incredibly tone-deaf statement denouncing the city council’s vote against the genocide in Gaza. I’m done with her.

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Remote workers may feel resentful toward previously flexible employers, experts say.

Ya think?!

Aaron Swartz would like a word.

For fuck’s sake, don’t risk it. Why risk it? Retire with dignity and humility, and allow someone who’s not batshit crazy to be your replacement. Anything less is selfish.

Lifetime appointments have got to go.

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Frankly, writing this in Hebrew is a bit shitty. Most Jews in the world don’t live in Israel, and while Jews outside of Israel might learn to read Hebrew when they’re young, most can’t actually understand its modern spoken version. So while I can see how someone might think releasing an apology in Hebrew might show solidarity with the Jews, it kind of does the opposite, at least for me.

Actions speak louder than words in a foreign language.