what a story

Nanachi@lemmy.world to Lemmy Shitpost@lemmy.world – 354 points –

I couldn't bring myself to watch these videos but I asked a friend who's more resilient to cringe to watch for me and here is what she reported back:

  • In the first video he covers his marriage and then halfway through begins talking about why women and men lie about their age, then complains about Chinese people being in Japan, talks about going to a university, then cooks some pasta.
  • In the second video he complains about missing a package delivery and walks to the post office, gets his divorce papers, and vents about stuff he left in Japan. Discusses the contents of a letter his ex-wife sent him, and then his personal feelings about the divorce. Ends with cooking.
  • In the third video he talks about the financial benefits of purchasing a "rubberized girlfriend", which cost him $328, how there's no risk of pregnancy, STIs, bleeding, rejection ("she can't say no”), or crying. Ends with cooking and doxes himself.
  • In the fourth video he talks about why he doesn't wash his rubberized girlfriend because of how difficult it is to clean it. "It feels like washing a baby in the sink or a raw chicken." He also states he likes the smell of himself. Currently lives with his parents. Ends with cooking.

God I havent thought about this guy in years. I'm gonna resist the urge to check how much worse his channel has gotten lol