The truth some of y'all need to hear

no banana to Lemmy – 228 points –

Fuck yea. Isn’t it enough I gave them life itself, but then I’m expected to feed and clothe them for 18+ years? WTF kind of commie shit is that?

Right? Damn newborns, so demanding! Eat* the rich this, appropriate the means of production that.

I wish this was true. I forgot my wallet while buying dinner the other day and now I owe my newborn baby 20 bucks.

just eat it honestly

Honestly most babies are so toxic. They'll demand you do everything for them and second you expect them to do something on their own they just fucking scream at you until you do it for them. Better to just cut them off and let them deal with their own shit.

Not even a livable environment. I will pollute the shit out this place. Parents don't even care, so why should I?

I'm excited for the day when a generation is born whom is domed to fail at continuing the survival of the human race.

The last generation of humans, all because the majority kept either foisting it's problems onto future generations that will never come, or thought exactly like this.

Nothing was done, and humanity ended. Not with a bang, but more like a sigh.

Gg everyone. We both won and lost. We defeated ourselves.

I for one look forward to the end of humanity.