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They're both good, but I prefer the second one, because it's nice to have the ones who are usually the villains be presented in a positive light. I might be a bit biased here.

If a big scary creature is kind, it is not scary

what about Creepy Good?

I mean, if that thing in the example pic was consistently kind and helpful to me, I'd soon find it more ugly than creepy. Without the hair, I might not even think it's ugly

In the same way, if a lion decided I was their beloved human and consistently showered me with affection and appropriate gentleness, I'd quickly lose my fear of it

Kindness and evil aren't mutually exclusive. Cute and scary arent mutually exclusive either.

The second isn't used as a trope nearly as much as the first, and I do like rooting for an underdog.

Thank you for the visual insight, I think it’s helped me grow

How about the both of them being friends and going on journeys together where they clash worldviews and compromise together

what about a cute little creature being kind? not enough of that in this word sadly

Literally Dolphin vs Shark

But both are cute, what are you on about?

Shark is seen as an evil human-eater while in fact there's plenty of animals who kills more humans than him including dolphins(also most shark attacks were in fact accidents).