Skip brushing your teeth by combining it with breakfast

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How to delete other persons posts? Asking for a friend.

we've always wished this was an option. There are so many posts I would delete.

ok so hear me out. you know how they have those dog treats that also supposedly clean their teeth as well? what if we just made those, but for people? we could call them bachelor biscuits or something

Bruh, I worry to think what swallowing this much toothpaste would do to the inside of your stomach. There's a reason "pea size" is the amount required on a brush.

Toothpaste is (almost) entirely safe. Only real danger is fluoride, which needs unlikely amounts to reach toxicity (a kid was hospitalised after eating an entire tube, kinda amounts). (I personally cannot guarantee that you won't get the shits with the pictured abomination, but you will be safe, at least)

The pea size is the amount required, because that's how much you need to clean your teeth.

Advertising companies display full-brush coverage to boost sales, and the only thing they're endangering is your wallet (and the environment due to over production. And your sanity. And other things. But not your health).

Except that it seems to give me wild indigestion whenever I swallow even the smallest amount. Sure it may not happen to everyone. So it's not a problem for some people but still.

My dentist, when I had one used to tell me not to rinse my mouth after brushing out because I had receeding gums. Can't do that anymore without suffering hugely.

Interesting. Well, bodies are a chaotic mess, so it makes sense.

But now I wonder, because half an hour ago I was reading around here about toothpastes in the US having SLS, a thing for making the toothpaste foam better, that causes canker sores to a bunch of people, that is banned in the EU (where I'm from), but legal in the US (as usual).

I wonder, even if you're not from the US (more so if you are)... Toothpaste isn't the same everywhere, so it could be that we just have different toothpastes.

Idk, I live in Australia. And the toothpaste is whatever standard Colgate total is.

The worst part is seeing the bite out of a piece that had toothpaste. It just sells the idea of disgust

I wish you didn't post this :(