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The anti-abortion plan ready for Trump on Day One

okay, shit will hit the fan at incredible speeds if this guy gets elected.

I can’t believe that we might elect this guy again. Smh

I still can't believe he got elected last time.

Still in denial, I know. and I'm pretty sure I repressed memories of most of those four years because it was just that awful.

That image is very hard not to down vote.

And it's mind blowing that the two options are polling as close as they are.

People who understand politics better than I do. Can he really just walk into the office on day one and write an executive order outlawing it nation wide? Say he does get elected, is there anything that would stop it?

Short Answer: No

Longer Answer: If Donald Trump gets back into office the people around him are going to work at lightning speed to dismantle every single system or institution that prevents the Executive branch from asserting unchecked control over the government.

Who is going to stop them? The courts have already proven ineffective in being able to reign in this kind of authoritarianism because frankly many members of the judiciary support what he is doing. They are working to institute a permanent state of minority rule in this country, and nobody is coming to save us from ourselves if/when that happens. The only solution is a rolling general strike, and organized civil disobedience. It will be fucking chaos. However bad you think it can get, it will be worse than that.

I'll give you all a preview of bad because it needs to be said:

He will start shooting at protestors as soon as he feels heated threats to his position.

The army will be called in against the insurrectionists (ironic, no?) because he'll ignore any law against doing that.

He is already claiming total immunity to do and order as he pleases, it's deeply woven in "his" current plan. "Crack open the laws, we'll fix what needs fixing when the dust of our enemies falls to the ground".

He'll implement a committee of oversight consisting of family members and trustees, they'll be holding the strings of the various branches, military, security, intelligence etc. and only report back to Trump.

If the boss orders that it's good: all the yes-men will do it, no one will even dare pull on an emergency brake... Sueing the white house then for breaking the law, I don't think any such a case will even be heard in 6 years or longer, by that time he (and his family/friends) will the supreme leader and far beyond any lawbook to grasp on.

And when it all happened one can lament in the streets "oh mah constitution, it's all broken" but the newly installed government/overlords will laugh it off and wave with a "national security good for the country" blanket and be done with it.

People forgot the lesson of how Hitler actually came into power ... Killing his political rivals (or having them killed by henchmen installed in the country) This did not take years, it was a done deal in mere months. After which no one dared to oppose him.

All laws broken were ignored or dismissed under either "none of us did this" or "this was a limitation to the country"

So, don't laugh off his threat of "Day 1 dictator" ... Take it very very serious ... He's even vague enough with it to mean "ONLY 1 day" or "STARTING day 1"

One last thought, if you meet a crazed guy on the streets, and he tells you with a vicious smile "I am going to stab you, stab you so bad, and no one will blame me" how do you respond? Why is the response to Trump's threats any different?

I really wish more people understood this. It's absolutely terrifying, and so many people just won't vote because they don't think it affects them.

Maybe 50 years of 'lesser evil' thats grown into a huge evil wasnt the best plan.

Ah yes, it's the democrats fault. Holy shit can you have a good faith argument for fucking once.

I'm glad I tagged that person. Don't waste your time with them. The answer is no, they cannot have a good faith discussion.

your accusation of bad faith is, itself, bad faith.

Yes it is liberals fault, they were the ones that thought lesser evil exists. They continued to believe that shit for decades, and now their small incremental pieces of lesser evil is so large that the best options they have are people like Trump and Biden. 2 huge piles of shit.

No, not a simple blanket ban. But as the article mentions they can make it more difficult to access. The article referenced tying Title X funds to not counseling, referring, or performing abortions. Trump did this in his first term, leading to nearly 200,000 unwanted pregnancies, according to the article.

The FDA could disapprove abortion drugs, meaning all abortions would have to be surgical. So on and so on, every federal agency limits access to abortion.

Our best weapon against that is broadcasting loud and clear that this is what they want to do on Day One.

How is it Trump is supposed to have all this power to enable drastic change on day one, but Biden cant get anything done because of Republicans? If the President has the ability that liberals claim Trump will have why hasnt Biden used that same ability to get shit done?

Liberals want to follow the rules and win. Conservatives want to win.

Republicans will keep winning because Democrats will keep letting them.

Liberals want to follow the rules and win

That's not what they argued in court. They argued they dont have to follow their own rules

Most of the plan relies on Trump also having a Republican House and Senate, which is likely for the former due to the immense gerrymandering that occurred in 2020.

Project 2025 is by far the most dangerous thing about the elections this year. It is so much worse than any other problem happening today.

The core of P2025 has been around for years, but has only recently been given a name. But white liberals have ignored it because it didn't impact them directly, now it does. The marginalized have had versions of it for decades/centuries. That's why they don't give a fuck about it because theyve already lived it, and are unwilling to help white liberals out to prevent it. White liberals didn't have their back when they were being subjected to various aspects of it. They claimed to support them with hashtags and flags, then continued to vote for the systems of oppression that caused them to be marginalized.

In the end it will be a Democrat president that brings the full impact of P2025 to life. For decades Republicans have brought forth oppressive legislation that Dems hated, but fully embraced when their team takes the reins and calls it their own.

Anti-abortion groups have not yet persuaded Donald Trump to commit to signing a national ban if he returns to the White House.

But, far from being deterred, those groups are designing a far-reaching anti-abortion agenda for the former president to implement as soon as he is in office.

nearly 100 anti-abortion and conservative groups are mapping out ways the next president can use the sprawling federal bureaucracy to curb abortion access.