NYPD gropes and unbuttons the shirt of a handcuffed woman at Pro Palestine student protest

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First off, fuck all police. Secondly that looks like a pretty standard pat down.

A female police officer patting down a female who was arrested.

This is not a problem. This is what is supposed to happen.

This isn't news.

They aren't supposed to do it in front of everyone

Well that's just not correct. This person is being taken into detention. Protocol is to ensure they do not have weapons prior to being detained.

You think this person is supposed to get a changing room to get patted down before they go into a cop car? That's not only not realistic. It's just stupid. Female officer patted down a female suspect there's nothing wrong with what's being shown here.

Now cops patting down criminals are considered crazy fucking videos? 😂

Didn't realize stripping someonein in broad daylight was proper procedure for police. In EMS, excepting life threatening situations where clothes need to be removed in order to save someone's life, we have the decency to strip patients in the privacy of the ambulance. And even then it's only done when absolutely necessary. What about this situation called for that woman to be stripped in the street?

They had a ton of angry violent protesters surrounding them. They gotta do a pat search before they go in the car. This doesn't look sexual in any way. They were in a hurry. She wasn't stripped. That's obvious from the video

Nearly everything in your post is simply not true. You can literally see her bra and there are no protesters anywhere near them.

Why lie?

That looks like a pretty standard pat down? Sorry women have breasts?

Like fuck the police but this isn't anything more than them searching someone they've apprehended, we can critique their reasons for the arrest instead.

Why is everyone mad? The cops always sexual assault people!

Like, even if you were right and this was standard...

That makes it worse. Not better.

You get that right? It's not difficult logic but I get it's still kind of early.

You really like being condescending huh? Right kiddo? Just cuz it's a little too early for baby to understand I never said it was okay? Just standard procedure and not some cop being uniquely heinous.

4/10, you've got a decent level of unhinged but it needs a lot more ranting to make a good copypasta. Try bringing in more unrelated topics and runon sentences are your friend

Lol. That was even worse than I expected, how many people do you think have blocked you because of the type of person you are?

Average patdown where a cop goes in for a few full gropes on a womans breast and strips off her shirt to leave her in her bra

We must have a very different definition for "average".

A female officer used the backs of her hands to check she didn't have anything in her bra. They also didn't strip her shirt off. The front bottom buttons were undone to check around her waist.

It's invasive and cops do it unnecessarily to scare people, but it's 1000% standard pat down.

If someone starts groping me downstairs, unbuttons my pants and pulls them halfway down fully exposing my underwear you're not going to win on technicalities either

They stripped her and defending this is absolutely disgusting.

I feel like a lot of people need to hear about the little boy who cried wolf. Beware of fatiguing people with constant outrage or people just disregard what you say.

I feel like anyone defending a handcuffed woman being stripped and exposed in her bra in public means they're completely fucked in the head

I feel like searching for any reason to be outraged is incredibly unhealthy mentally. There's plenty to be outraged about without looking for made up issues.

Cool ad hominem though it definitely addressed my point and doesn't make you look like a simpleton who's (if I can borrow a phrase) "completely fucked in the head."

First of all this definitely isn't protocol.

Even if it was protocolm anyone saying that this level of clearly unnecessary extreme sexual harassment is fine is considered a rape apologist in my book.

Say this was another country where the police kidnaps women and rapes them because "it's protocol" you'd be fine with it too?

Say this was another country where the police kidnaps women and rapes them because "it's protocol" you'd be fine with that too?

You know what? You must be real stupid if you can't see a difference between the two situations and I never said anything about "protocol" so I'm not sure what you're quoting. I have better things to do with my time than being called a rape apologist because I don't foam at the mouth and jump on every idiot bandwagon that gets posted. Now piss off idiot.

They don't care... you're arguing with Dimitri in St. Petersburg.

His goal is to use Israel's genocide in Gaza as a wedge issue to get people angry so they don't vote for Biden. That way the Kremlin can get their asset into the White House again. Trump has already tried to cut support for Ukraine and NATO before the Kremlin even started their barbaric war, no doubt he'll continue enabling the Kremlin if he wins again.

Side bonus any time Dimitri gets political extremes fighting each other and weakens the social fabric of the US.

I know trump fans are unsane but damn you guys aee weird too

There are many news stories in mainstream and alternative media about the Kremlin interfering in elections etc. They use anonymous accounts to influence massive amounts of people.

The Kremlin is willing to spend trillions of dollars for their war of conquest in Ukraine, of course they're also investing in a much cheaper and more politically palatable cultural war online.

No, that is not a standard pat down.

Here is a tutorial on how to do one!


I point to the 15 minute mark in your link. The female cop in the video even bothered to use the backs of her hands to check the bra.

They don’t undress the person being searched in the demo video, and they point out that they are searching around the breast and not the breast itself. Maybe practices differ in NY but you have to admit the unbuttoned shirt is weird, the point being a pat down is not the same as a strip search.

That is not the back of her hands. She’s literally squeezing.

Yeah, looks like a pretty clinical pat down and they brought in a female officer to do it, for whatever that's worth. And yes, fuck the police.

Everyone really has a hard time being objective on Lemmy lol.

Like the problem here is that cops in full tactical gear are arresting student protesters, how they do a par down just aint it and it just feels like rage bait.

Rage bait > No vote for Biden > Trump win > Putin happy. This is the way. Trust the process.