Dozens of professors among those arrested in campus protests | CNN

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Dozens of professors among those arrested in campus protests | CNN

As police cracked down on anti-war protests on college campuses across the US in recent weeks, among those arrested were a pair of silver-haired 65-year-old professors armed only with their cell phones.

Annelise Orleck was knocked to the ground and restrained with plastic handcuffs at a protest at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. She later complained of whiplash.

Steve Tamari was tackled by officers and taken into custody at a demonstration at Washington University in St. Louis, an attack he said resulted in multiple broken ribs and a broken hand.

Orleck and Tamari are among at least 50 professors arrested at campus protests across the country, according to a CNN review of police records, court filings, and news reports. (Since April 18, more than 2,400 students have been arrested amid protests on more than 50 campuses.) In some cases, professors said they were actively participating in protests based on their own beliefs. Others said they attended to show support for their students.


We're already in the authoritarian regime everyone is worried is coming.

The rich donors pull the strings at universities and government. Lots of Zionists among them

There is quite certainly a Group of wealthy people purchasing influence in American academics.

The question is, how fast do you want it to get worse?

If you believe the premise, the answer to that question is moot, friend.

I’ve been watching it unfold live for my entire life. Republicans, especially Trump, push capitalism into overdrive at the cost of the environment, workers wages and safety, and support of the most vulnerable members of society. Democrats will never fix everything, but they absolutely moderate and slow the progression of inequality.

Im not gonna consider a page as an...unbiased source, my brother in christ.

Why would you attempt a liberal outreach program in response to a comment like mine?

I’m sorry to say, Fox News doesn’t report on the accomplishments of Democrats.

Hm? Is this an attempt to paint me as a FOX watching bobblehead? Oh dear we are going to have a problem if you are gonna play stupid games. Address the meat of the comment you initally responded to or put on your big shoes and honk your goofy ass out the door

Where else would you like me to find a comprehensive list of Biden’s support for low and middle class Americans? Pick a point on the massive list of goals and accomplishments, and cross reference it for validity. They’re legislative action, so you’ll find plenty of news corroboration from center and left leaning media.

Lol it can always get worse, especially when one of only two options tells you how much they're going to make it worse for everyone.

This is just more bOtH sIdEs bullshit....

more than 2,400 students have been arrested amid protests on more than 50 campuses.


About twice as many as 1/6?

Peacefully protesting Biden's pet genocide is getting treated twice as strict as trump trying to prevent Biden from taking office. And a hell of a lot faster.

Negotiating with "moderate" Dems doesn't work, they've spent too long cozzi g up to republicans, they think k like them now. Why listen to protestors when you can just use violence? What are they going to do, not vote Biden?

Love how you foreign agents immediately make it all about Biden. Is he the King of Israel or King of America? Pretty sure it's neither. Shut up already with the propaganda

Hi, foreign agent here.

I am part of a secret plot to manipulate the US in a devious plan to…. check notes… get Biden to stop directly enabling genocide by continuously bringing up and forcing him to deal with it politically instead of just sweeping 50,000+ innocent Palestinians lives under the rug.

It is the perfect evil plan.


givesomefucks spews the same narrative on every post, regardless of relevance. They wrote a wall of text about Biden and Israel on a post about the NYPD manipulating disciplinary records. Just unrelated nonsense.

Further down, I commented the identical response I made the last time they compared Biden’s criticism of disorderly conduct to Trump’s criticism of BLM protests. Just the same baseless claims over and over.

Well is he the President? Is he the leader of the government? Is he the one that continues to pledge weapons and money to Israel and continue to block Palestine at the UN? Is he the one that held back the state department report on Israeli war crimes committed with US weapons and now had it toned down to "yeah we think they did, but we aren't entirely sure." Is he the one whose ambassador recently assured the Israeli government that he is a fully convinced Zionist? Is he the one that made bogus claims about antisemitism and violent protests?

Or is he just some poor slop that has nothing to do with all of this?

Bad take

Acting like biden is powerless in this when he has gone around congress to fund israel is willfully ignoring the truth.

Calling people foreign agents is also just shit brained. Rather than arguing a point, it just says “hey, u are (maybe) not American, we can ignore you”. Or just saying “Hey, ignore this guy, because I said he’s not American.” Plus, it holds less water when america has constantly interfered in so many other countries. Imagine saying a palestinian shouldn’t have a say in american politics when america has stances on Palestinian politics.

Ah yes, local police forces who have their own jurisdiction arresting protesters on the spot is exactly the same as Trump hampering the federal response necessary to deal with the Jan 6th traitors who were allowed to disperse.

We get it, you want Trump to win. You are indeed very smart.

We don't want Trump to win. We want an end to the genocide and justice for the Palestinian people. Why do the Dems and you prefer Trump to win over ending a fucking genocide?

The administration had every chance and still has every chance to end this genocide and work towards justice. They choose every day to let it continue, giving token pledges at best.

Biden is saying the same shit trump said about BLM...

Calling peaceful protestors violent and making shit up.

And yes, during BLM Biden and everyone else made multiple comments about how important protesting in, and how they'd protect our rights to peaceful protests.

But that hasn't been addressed either.

And yes, the federal government is supposed to have over site of local police.

Like, Ahmad Abrey is a pretty famous example, but it's pretty common.

“Dissent is essential to democracy. But dissent must never lead to disorder or to denying the rights of others so students can finish the semester and their college education.”

“Can't you just shoot them, just shoot them in the legs or something?”

Yup. Practically indistinguishable.

I wonder if a general strike with teachers and students is incoming. If there's one place where protesting any issue is born and should always be allowed, is a college or university. If you're not allowed to protest there, no way you'll ever be allowed to in a public space. Trying to break their spirits before they get to be full adults.

Yus, the proper way to deal with peaceful protestors is violence /s

We need to find a way to send those responsible, a message. One they might remember.

This whole thing is starting to develop a real 1968 feels--and of course the DNC convention is in Chicago this year . . .

Wouldn't it be great if people actually knew what they were talking about? Maybe instead of inadvertently aiding a fascist they would find out what the fuck is actually going down?


I watched it.

He was claiming that the US has offered Bibi specific intelligence to make targeted strikes on Hamas leadership in the hopes that he will take this option rather than full scale invasion.

The guy in the video claims that by doing this the US has set a kind of trap for Bibi as he will be in breach of international law and able to be charged as a war criminal if he doesn’t act on the US offer.

There are no sources cited for this information and this channel seems of dubious journalism quality.

Personally I put this video in the pile of conspiracy/bupkis. Yes I want a refund of the 3.5mins of my life (thankfully I watch everything 2x speed).

Who is this guy?

What are his sources?

How reliable is his information? Can any of it be corroborated?

It just seems like some rando ad-libbing in front of a camera and calling themselves a journalist.

These schools should probably stop hiring terrorist supporters, it's not a good look. We've seen professors openly supporting Hamas and chanting for an intifada. None of that is acceptable so it makes perfect sense that those same people would be involved in the very unpeaceful encampments that have taken over some of these campuses.

We’ve seen professors openly supporting Hamas and chanting for an intifada.

This is misinformation and is being used to purposefully deceive people.

This narrative purposefully conflates being against the genocide of innocent Palestinians with supporting Hamas.

That's not misinformation. It's widely distributed on the internet. It's easily available.

You can't gaslight people when there's dozens of video clips out there proving reality.

Oh, so you acknowledge that Israel is committing genocide then?

The Palestinian population will be greater than 2025 than it was in 2023. Their culture is alive and strong within Israel itself with 2 million Arabs living pretty darn well.

It's the worst genocide man has ever seen if it is one.

That's the same argument I used to hear from holocaust deniers, just saying

That's an absurd statement. Jewish population still has not recovered from the Holocaust. That's an undisputed fact.

There's no comparison to be made by any logical or sane person on this. However, much of a tragedy we are seeing on folding Gaza. We are not seeing people packed into cattle cars and sent into gas Chambers.

Stop stop at the Holocaust abuse. Comparing these two is absolutely abusing the tragedy of the Holocaust for a political purposes.

Missinformation is 'widely distributed on the internet' aswell

The internet is the perfect distribution vehicle for misinformation .

We've seen the world swallow Hamas propaganda for months as it relates to the death toll. This week. We're seeing the UN itself, revising its numbers and reducing the number of children dead by nearly half.

This is a war of information as much as it's a bloody one. Iran, Qatar and its proxies are working overtime to make sure that the white Western saviors among Us gobble it all up.

Welcome aboard Hasbara agent 204.

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