Bad day

no banana to Lemmy – 445 points –

So flat it's not even NSFW

seriously. I had to come to the comments to figure out the answer to the original question: "What IS that?"

I'm leaning toward "It's a sofa."

I thought it was the side of her knee joint. Y'know when you squat down and you smush parts of your thigh and calf out?


I thought it was a dudes armpit. It's lopsided, like a pectoral with a little cushioning

I could have sworn that this was her armpit from the back

found the rest of the picture guys

I really hope so. Any other interpretations and extrapolations would probably just make me feel sad and disappointed.

If she did one squat with the bar it would instantly double the size of her ass.

Poor baby. Those are booty pants too. They are supposed to hug your butt and make it look big. My wife and I saw a lady getting on a plane with them on. We pointed and giggled while she secretly ordered a pair.

Seriously thought it was the side of a knee.

You know when you reprimand your dog and they tuck their ass in? Voilà 🫴

Needs a cheesecake factory gift card and a squat rack.

This was like one of those perspective games where it looks like an ass/naked man/cock when it's actually a bird or something. The only difference was that this was the reverse of that.

However, after staring at this pic for like 5 min, I'm glad to share that I successfully managed to notice the ass. The line in the middle is where the crack is. Yeah.... They have a very very flat ass.

I am laughing way too much at this comment section 🤣

I’ll be downvoted to oblivion but this post is fucked up. Body shaming is fucking despicable. Your downvotes prove me right that this place is just a toxic cesspit

I mean yeah, but it's mainly funny because I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. The color, pattern and lighting meant I really absolutely had no idea what I was looking at. A back? A sweater? A cat? A crotch? A knee? An ass? Something else?

So yeah.

No shame from me. All bodies are fucking funny, my friend. We're hairless apes who wear fabrics and live in boxes. We're some odd motherfuckers.