Let's confuse Americans!

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Bruh, mark your cum jug NSFW, we're not confused. Everyone has a cum jug.

I'm a hot blooded American and I can recognize a delicious pitcher of horse semen any day of the week.

Why do you have milk in your hospital piss jug?

Not American, what is this?

I think in America, they sell milk in soft plastic bags to be cut open, so you have to put them in these jugs for stability and handling.

That's Canada

Probably meant the continent, not USA.

There’s no continent called “America”

Also Argentina, most of America does this I believe.

I've only ever seen this in South America, yeah.

Common in small, neighborhood markets in Brazil, but most milk is sold in the paper/aluminum tetra paks due to longer shelf life

That's America too.

I've literally never seen that happen in America and I've lived in 5 states, both rural and urban, and have visited over 30.

I saw it in Louisiana. For a few months, my high-school cafeteria was giving us milk in a bag. Like individual-size bags that you poked a straw into. I was very confused the first time I saw it

That's wild. I'd love to try milk in a bag.

They had them in my elementary school back in the 90s. Haven't seen one since then. They were pretty cool though. I'm sure some people would buy it if they brought it back for nostalgia.

I'd be there for damn sure.

Gotta be easier to ship, too, which means it's certainly cheaper.

They do that in Canada. The US sells milk in plastic jugs or cardboard cartons.

We do actually have the bag and jug too! I love getting my milk at Kwik Trip because that's how they sell it. And it just tastes better. If it weren't so damn expensive, I'd force my household to convert to it.

What state sells bagged milk? Don't think I've ever run across it in the US.

You can get it in Wisconsin, but it's not super common. We mostly use the plastic jugs or glass bottles.

Irishtemper got it right! Wisconsin, we have it here at the Kwik trips. Might be in other places too, but that's where I go to get it.

Bagged milk is used in food service a LOT.

Bag is actually used a ton in food service in the US too.

They definitely don't do this in america, tf

Yeah I've only ever gotten the plastic gallons and cartons of milk.

I was half thinking this was a plastic meme since everything is plastic here.

I used to work in a kitchen of a well-known chain pub in the UK and our mill came in in bags. Saved on alot of waste as we only needed one plastic jug and the bags used significantly less plastic than bottles of milk.

We had that in Europe too, but I don't see these anymore.

In my experience, it depends on the country and it's only in some stores - I vaguelly remember getting milk like that at some point, which I think it was in The Netherlands.

Mind you, it's more climate friendly than plastic bottles and likely glass (even with recycling).

Quebec and Ontario have it, having been to both of those provinces

This truly is a shit post. Confuses everyone because it doesn't actually confuse anyone.

Tbh I think I understand what the joke is supposed to be (Canadians and bagged milk), but it's just a pitcher of milk and it would seem that no one's actually weirded out by it because of that.

Not just Canadians, lots of South American countries do the same.

That's not how you serve milk from a bag. The bag itself goes in the pitcher, and then you cut a corner and pour straight out of the bag.

Why though? Why not just pour it in?

Because you can close the bag or tie it or something so it doesn't go bad as fast.

Less cleaning

No way you don't have to clean the pitcher. Even the smallest amount of milk between the bag and wall is going to smell.

I was confused because i kept seeing bagged milked in the comments but in hungary we have it but the bag is cunstructed in a way that you can use it to pour.

I hope you don't throw away the bag and keep your milk like that.

Is it because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it?

I am 40 and Canadian and have lived in three provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario). I have never seen bagged fucking milk.

Strange. Literally every grocery store in Ontario for decades including many convenience stores sell bagged milk.

Quebec here, 4L in 3 bags. Always has been... Honestly didn't know it wasn't common elsewhere in Canada. TIL

Albertan here. When I was a kid my grandma always had bagged milk, but it got phased out in the 90s and I haven’t seen it in forever.

Where did you live in Ontario? I've never seen anything but bagged milk here.

Near Kingston! Maybe I just wasn't paying attention?

I think so because I've lived here almost 50 years and it's always been bagged in Ontario wherever I went.

I saw it quite often when I lived in Quebec but only for 3L or bigger containers

Partially-confused American here.. Why isn't it in a bag still?

Do y'all pour it out of the bag so you have more chances to catch an infection or so it goes bad faster?

Lol love this thread with so many people confidently incorrect. It's not common to come in bags but not the norm. Also... Yeah why isn't it still in the bag.

come in bags

that's dehumanizing and just rude.

Because it's an epic prank on those that don't know it's supposed to still be in the bag.

It’s a joke

Referring to Canadians as Americans and then doing the milk thing wrong

a bag? what savages don't use a box or a glass?

Let's show our abomination to Americans (and Western Canadians)

Yall over in Ontario are weird lol

Sincerely, a British Columbian

All I can think of when I see this is the bigger bag, that had like 3 or 4 1L bags of milk in it that this one time fell out of their grocery bag in my parents car and 2 of the bag got sliced open. The smell never left the car despite major efforts to clean up. I hazard to guess this is a big reason they no longer come in bags, but I hear maybe they still too in central Canada. Not here in the west.

I hated that scary moment when the big bag of milk bags fell open unexpectedly.

The tension that I'd feel after dropping the bags was immense. It was like time slowed while waiting to see if one of them would burst. It was freakier when one of the falling bags bounced off the floor. Fun times.

People in this comment section:

I'm not confused

Same people in this comment section:

what an oddly shaped milk jug

Chilean here and I do not know what am I looking at...

Some parts of Canada dispense milk in bags. It comes in a plastic bladder that you pop inside this pitcher and cut the corner off to pour. This shitpost is pretending that we pour the milk into the pitcher directly and store it uncovered.

For yr reference: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/costofliving/we-answer-your-burning-questions-about-things-like-milk-bags-tariffs-condo-insurance-and-printer-cartridges-1.5409407/here-s-why-milk-comes-in-bags-in-parts-of-canada-1.5409420

American here. I can't speak for all Americans, but I think it's weird that you leave it in the bag, in the pitcher. Why not just pour it out of the bag, into a pitcher that has its own lid?

Because then you'd have to wash out the pitcher each time, keeping it in the bag means you just toss it and replace with a new one. Also I think the pitcher milk would spoil faster but I'm not sure about that

I'm Canada, milk comes in bags. This could also be powdered milk.

You drink powdered milk? We pretty much only use it in baking. It tastes off. Do you do something to make it more palatable?

The trick is to make it with milk instead of water.

That's how you get more milk per your milk!

Fine, I'll be the one to say it.. milkception.

And it makes a very nice white sauce liquid. That’s what happens when the summer camp gets both liquid and powdered milk on subsidy. I should make yogurt out of that blend……..brb.

The real trick is to start giving it to your kids when they are really young and never give them real milk. That way powdered milk tastes normal and real milk tastes weird to them. Or at least that's what my parents tried to do.

I was raised on skim milk. My mother was always on a diet, so we had a lot of diet-type foods in the house.

Skim milk is practically just water with a little bit of milk flavoring. It was my refreshing go-to drink on hot summer days. I drank almost nothing but skim milk all through my childhood. It was my favorite drink.

The first time I had 2% milk, I thought it was melted ice cream. It was so thick and creamy! I had no clue that it was "normal" milk.

Also, I learned in adulthood that milk makes your bones brittle. That whole "milk does a body good" thing was just advertising, not scientific fact. It doesn't strengthen bones, it just makes them more likely to break. Makes sense; I survived off the stuff for years of my childhood and I've broken 9 bones in my life.

That's not strictly true. While the whole "milk makes your bones strong" line was found to be greatly overstated, there's still a lot of calcium in milk and combined with vitamin D that makes for stronger bones. Most importantly exercise improves bone density, so maybe it's true if you chug a bunch of milk while completely sedentary.

You can't drink powdered milk, you gotta eat it

Hey! Don’t speak for all of Canada! Milk comes in containers on the west coast, just as the universe intended.

That's not entirely true. BC does plastic jugs, I had no idea milk came in bags out east til I went to visit family.

Yes I see never seen them in BC. I think Alberta in the 80s is the first place I saw them as a kid. It was trippy as milk was in cartons or cans (Pacific Condensed Milk) but never bags. I found it messy...

I had no idea what to do with a bag of milk. I did what OP did in the pix and poured it from the bag to the jug....and promptly got reemed by my aunty.....

Even just cutting the corner of the bag seemed messy but it was the preferred method?

Seems like you're supposed to put the bag in the jug, and then cut the corner. Still seems weird to me.

The shape of this pitcher bothers me for some reason but it certainly doesn’t confuse me.

I enjoy the amount of people coming into a literal shitpost to complain about the accuracy of the post.

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